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machine learning 

&decision support

LEIMINTE stands for Learning Impact Indicator Technology. 

In LEIMINTE one can set up and work with big data; develop indicator models upon them and subject them to machine learning classifications.

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See uase case examples here

Your data is organized in projects to which users are assigned with various access rights (view, edit, delete, etc.) You can then

  • enter custom project data, set up indicators, and use your project data to calculate and report upon them

  • run flexible machine learning training and classifications on your data, mapping them on classes/ labels you will define. 

  • generate custom reports based on your data

LEIMINTE integrates with the TensorFlow open-source neural network library.

LEIMINTE can support diverse use cases. Some practical implementation areas are shown below.

How it works


Data management for HCMI (Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative) certification.

For numerous hotel enterprirses



Company segmentation with regard to the innovation potential via ML classification.

For a public funding authority



Venture capital innovation funding risk classification via ML classification.

For a private client

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