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Gender equity plan
Last update: 2023

This GEP described below has been set into force as of 2023. 

This GEP is a living document that provides a strategic perspective as well as actual performance metrics. It will be updated once a year, till the end of March of each respective year. The following points describe the underpinning strategy and the indicators used.

  • Every year based on the timesheet entries the percentage of time allocation of male versus female staff will be reported. The first year this provision will apply is 2023 and the updated GEP will appear till end of March of the next year (2024 in this case) 

  • Should female participation fall below 35% immediate action shall be taken within the next year to rectify the situation. The results of this action will be posted in next year's report.

  • As soon as female participation reaches above 40% the figure shall be considered satisfactory

  • The current GEP will remain in place till the end of 2025 and then it will be reconsidered and possibly updated, by raising the lower and upper thresholds (currently set at 35%/ 40% respectively) or by considering a more fine analysis in the various categories as described in the remuneration policy document.

  • The GEP will need to respect and remain in line with other policies and in particular the HR non discrimination policy (public document) as well as the HR remuneration policy document (non public document) 

  • In particular,  we emphasize that striving for equity does not contradict our non discrimination policy, as merit and fitness that are the overarching features our our human ecosystem will by no means be endangered by means of the current GEP. Nor will the achievement of the GEP indicators undermine these prime features in any way.

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