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HR non discrimination policy

APINTECH policy for HR is defined by two words: merit and fitness; as they can be objectively documented and subjectively assessed. To this extent, any HR-related decision that is driven by sex, race, location, religion, colour, sexual preferences, etc. is considered discriminatory and is strictly forbidden.
APINTECH will withdraw from any setting where discrimination of any of the above types is present. In such a case the exact circumstances should be brought to the attention of POLIS-21 directors and a decision, compliant with the document, will be promptly taken.
Similarly, all HR of APINTECH, of the three types defined in the remuneration policy document, are treated as equal members of our human ecosystem and, as a matter of principle, no discrimination as to rights and obligations shall ever apply.

APINTECH will withdraw from any setting which for any reason would consider the members of our staff in a discriminatory way and would violate the equity rule that underlines our policy.

No group company, including APINTECH shall, under any condition, contract external HR in the areas of ICT, Energy and creative services, unless the unlikely situation occurs that they cannot be sourced internally within the group.

No external entity shall indicate the type of HR that will be deployed in assignments, although in case of specific complaints related to specific persons prompt remedial action will be taken and communicated. 
Affirmative action
APINTECH staunchly rejects affirmative action as an instance of reverse discrimination. It will stay clear and not engage in policies favoring any human identity over another, for no reason, whatsoever. However, APINTECH will not withdraw from settings that may favor this practice, provided it will not be attempted to be enforced on it.

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