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Monitoring, controlling and contemplating. Wirelessly

robust & affordable iot

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who we are?


APINTECH provides building management technology, based on wireless firmware (wifi/ zigbee), sensor networks, and IoT. We use both our own sensors and can easily integrate third-party hardware.

​Real-time data, reports to our WT (Wireless Things) dashboard, which provides for various additional services, such as the set-up of users, notifications and alerts as well as control schemes.

You can see a public demo version of our building management technology frontend in action hereSee use case solutions here.

IOT services

Our WT responsive building management system (BMS) solution is priced as low as 900E per building installation (one time fee)!
Features include:
Device and space monitoring and control

Monitor and control your building and its installations and receive diverse notifications over email/ SMS.

Behavior monitoring

WT extends monitoring over also to user behavior. Lights left on, thermostats set high, excessive solar gains are a few out of many such behavioral events.

Remote controlling

WT supports remote, over the NET, control tasks. Lighting, A/C, irrigation, etc. can all be switched on and off from your mobile remotely and according to criteria, you will flexibly set.


The benefits

1. Robust, plug and play, and cost-efficient solutions 
2. State of the art and responsive visualization 
3. Remote switching and control of any device
4. Custom services 
5. Behavior modeling and monitoring

Find out more

1. A FAQ introduction to WSNs and WT (PDF)

2. WT set up guidelines (PDF)

3. The occupancy meter (PDF) (this device is under development, not for commercial use)

4. The U value change metering (PDF)

5. IRSENSE installation (PDF)

6. Behavioural event library (PDF)

7. WT behavioral controlboard (PDF)



Diverse, custom wireless monitoring and control solutions can be supported. Past use cases include smart irrigation (WT-IRRIG), contact-free U value metering (UVA), and behavioral technology (WT BEHAVE). See below for more information.
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NEWS & events

01/ (2021- 2022)

WT technology in 60 hotels in Central Asia (KZ, UZ, TZ)

A model for sustainable tourism in Central Asia: Building Capacities, Creating Awareness, Introducing technology; a EuropeAid project. A massive deployment of energy metering technology and training activities to better realize the efficiency benefit 

02/ (2020- )

A cloud application for HCMI (Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative) certification

For our hotel clients- ​See our video here

Manage your HCMI on a yearly basis and generate HCMI reports (compact/ detailed). Ask for a quotation!

03/ (2020- )

LEIMINTE spin-off data service follows the completion of SMETHOD project

LEIMINTE is a flexible, decision support technology, building on the TensorFlow public library for machine learning

04/ (2020- 2023)

TRUST AI (HORIZON 2020, FET project). Explainable AI

See our 2.5 min. video 

TRUST AI is a Horizon project delivering methods and technology in the broad area of interpretability and human-driven AI (referred to as XAI). The project started in October 2020 and will run for four years. The areas where TRUST AI approaches will be tested include Health, Retailing, and Energy (under APINTECH leadership); however, the ambition is to extend well beyond these trial areas.

05/ (2021- 2023)

Innovation portal and communication services for the Social Care sector

Within LAPIS (an Erasmus project led by Un. Lancaster) we develop a portal for innovative social care in the EU and will empower it via communication services. The portal will go online towards the end of 2022, whereas the communication is inspired by the Reb Bag, used in the UK, and will be based on an adaptation of our hello! technology in the social care context. An online presentation is available here.

We are particularly eager to replicate this service in other countries. If you are doing business in the social care sector and are interested in our communication solution drop us a message.

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